About Us 2

Founded by hidde and rick, Level-Up Games is aiming to develop games to the next level. Level-Up Games's mission is to develop games which gives you inspiring insights and a happy time. 
Our story
We started playing Roblox in 2011 when it looked like this:  
 In 2015, hidde started developing games and Super Hero Tycoon became a big succes. In 2019, we developed tycoons with different themes. Then in 2020, we created Level-Up Games for which we are working hard to develop positive and original games. Subscripe to our newsletter and social media in the footer to get the latest news about the development of these games!
Our product

This webshop is created on behalf of Level-Up Games. We sell fashion with self-created designs inspired from our games. We sell the fashion so that you can be part of our community. We want you to be having the best user experience possible so we ship worldwide for free and accept returns within 60 days after the purchase date. 


                 Rick (co-owner)                                       Hidde(co-owner)