About us

Level-Up Games is founded by Hidde and Rick, Level-Up Games develops games on the Roblox platform. We are working very hard to create games with the best social gaming experience. Our mission is to develop fun social games that provide some insights about self-development that players can apply to their own life.

Besides the games we make, we also sell merchandise of different Roblox games, we sell merchandise with designs of our own games and merchandise of games that gave us permission to design/sell merchandise for them. We sell the merchandise so that you can show others that you are a fan of the game and part of the community of the game! We ship the merchandise free worldwide and you can return your purchase within 30 days of receiving your purchase.

Our story

Hidde (CEO)

Hidde is the game designer, he does everything from the idea's to working out the idea's in a project. During the development, Hidde is sharp on the products that are made by the team and gives feedback so the project is being lead in the right direction.

Rick (CEO)

Rick is the project manager, he is in charge of the team that works on the project. He leads the team in an open-minded way so that they can be creative at their work, but still makes sure that the work is done perfectly.